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Below is the GANS geomatics related events calendar. In addition to posting the numerous events that GANS hosts every month, we have also included other geomatics related events in Atlantic Canada that we think may be of possible interest to the geospatial community. 

If you know of any events that we have not included below, then feel free to share that info with us and we will include it in the GANS geomatics related events calendar.

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    • 24 Jan 2022
    • 25 Jan 2022
    • ONLINE
    • 235

    Announcing: GANS will host Geomatics Atlantic 2021 this year online, on 24 & 25 January 2022

    The theme is Geomatics NOW – From Field Collection to Online and Real-Time Dissemination and we will explore innovation, cutting edge R&D, and the future of geomatics as it relates to the increasing desire to have our questions answered quickly and in a way that is easy to understand and integrate into our own workflows.

    We will host presentations on current spatial data field collection techniques and software, how teams transmit &/or store data in the field, and how the field data can be easily shared with others – particularly in near real time. There will be a focus on online/web-based data collection apps, as well as near real-time processing and dissemination methods to clients and other field personnel.

    We are reaching out to researchers, organizations, and companies actively involved in collecting spatial data using online applications (using proprietary and open-source software) who in turn make the data available to clients or other field personnel using similar means. We will have a cross-sectoral conference that includes: asset management, environmental assessment and remediation, crop monitoring, environment & habitat characterization, emergency management, and many others – all connected through geomatics.

    Draft agenda expected soon.

    For additional Geomatics Atlantic 2021 details, including special key note speakers and conference presentations and more, visit us at https://geomatics.one

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