Geomatics Atlantic 2020

  • 25 Nov 2020
  • 26 Nov 2020
  • Virtual

The Canadian Institute of Geomatics Newfoundland and Labrador Branch is hosting an event:

Visualize a Resilient Future with spatial information and technology!

Geomatics Atlantic 2020 will be a virtual conference hosted by the Canadian Institute of Geomatics Newfoundland and Labrador Branch on November 25-26.

The conference website is linked here for your information.

"The Canadian Institute of Geomatics - Newfoundland and Labrador Branch is pleased to announce Geomatics Atlantic 2020. From emergency preparedness to healthy ecosystems and from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to citizen science, geomatics is playing an increasingly important role in visualizing our world and building a road map towards a resilient future.

​In keeping with the times, GA2020 will be a virtual event with authors given the opportunity to present their research from the comfort of their offices or homes. Without the travel requirement, GA2020 will afford an equal opportunity for attendance from across Canada. Due to the online nature of this event, we have been able to provide registration at a reduced cost, providing attendees with virtual networking and professional development at a significant value.

We look forward to seeing you virtually at this exciting event."

Call for Presentations:

Interested parties are invited to submit proposals for presentations that support this year's conference theme “Visualizing a Resilient Future”. In keeping with the broad scope of geomatics, abstracts will be welcome from applied, technical or research work in surveying, GIS, remote sensing, cartography and related fields. Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Emergency preparedness (e.g. flood risk, forest fires, pandemics, next generation 911, food security, etc.)
  • Medical geomatics (e.g. infections tracking and prevention, health service delivery, etc.)
  • Healthy ecosystems (e.g. forest and wildlife management, water monitoring, conservation, biodiversity monitoring, industrial planning and oversight, etc.)
  • Infrastructure planning and information (e.g. municipal, transportation, energy, mining, etc.)
  • Marine geomatics (e.g. ocean mapping and remote sensing, vessel navigation and traffic surveillance, fishing information, aquaculture planning and management, deep-sea mining, offshore energy, etc.)
  • Spatial information debiasing (e.g. along lines of gender, racial, national, regional, political or other worldview)
  • Automated data collection (e.g. AUVs, UAVs, video-based monitoring, internet of things, etc.)
  • Human sensors (e.g. traditional/local knowledge, crowdsourcing, mobile surveys, citizen science, etc.)
  • Smart solutions technology (e.g. remote sensing data analysis, real-time spatial analysis, geostatistics, machine learning, etc.)
  • Geovisualization (e.g. spatializing data, web-mapping, space/time visualizations, virtual/augmented reality, etc.)


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