GANS Geographic Education Poster Series

Geography Helped Me Get Where I am Now 

Kailey Shearer


  • Middleton Regional High School
  • Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS) - Survey Technician Certificate
  • Northern Lakes College - Survey Theory and Calculations Certificate


  • Independent Contractor - Field Surveyor (Lasertech Floorplans)

After graduating from high school in Middleton, I attended the Centre of Geographic Sciences and took the Survey Technician program. 

Upon graduation from COGS I was offered a job in the Northwest Territories with Ollerhead and Associates Surveyors and Engineers. I worked with them for two years. It was a fascinating experience and I got to see a part of the country that many people do not get to see. Ollerhead and Associated had many different projects on the go including: mine surveying at a diamond mine, surveying the official boundary between the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, and Aboriginal tribes land boundary surveys. 

Since then I have been working for Lasertech Floorplans. I am an independent contractor which means I get to live at home in Nova Scotia and accept jobs on a contract basis. This position has granted me many opportunities to travel all over North America. 

Kailey Shearer - Field Surveyor

I have been surveying in New York city, Hollywood, New Orleans and Miami to name a few. Lasertech does building surveys, which are different than typical land surveys. Using proprietary software and lasers, they can create models and floor plans accurate to within 0.2 of an inch.

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