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Over the years it has been recognized that there is a need for the Canadian Geomatics Sector to evolve beyond the focus of capturing data and delivering basic products, and to start being recognized for expertise in helping a geospatial community make more effective use of geospatial data and related applications.

Having a geospatially enabled society that can recognize the value of "Location Matters" is important to ensure the reliability of Nova Scotia’s geospatial data, and help safeguard sustainable development. GANS has identified a need to ensure that we help the Geomatics Sector to co-exist with the geospatially enabled society of tomorrow.
Roger Tomlinson - Canadian GeoMentor

The Private Sector Working Group is pleased to announce the launch of a new GANS Mentorship Program, that aims to address the need for leadership within the Nova Scotian geospatial community through guidance and support of newcomers or junior practitioners by those already established within the industry.

A GANS Mentor can be anyone from the GANS membership who is an established professional with a recognized level of experience and credibility within the geomatics industry. Mentors should have a local industry connection and be interested in contributing to the success of the geomatics industry in Nova Scotia.

A GANS Mentee can be anyone from the GANS membership who is seeking to advance and/or enhance their geomatics career through personal development, coaching and professional networking through sharing of information, knowledge, advice and support from a mentor (an established and experienced professional in the geomatics industry).

More details that outline the requirements for participation as a Mentee or Mentor and briefly outlines the components of the Mentorship Program can be downloaded here

To participate as a Mentee or Mentor, please forward a completed GANS mentorship application form to mentorship @

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