GANS 2015 Survey results

Last summer we sent out a GANS survey to our members & contacts 4 different times via email.  The aim of the survey was to ensure that GANS was to help the Board improve membership engagement and help them host better events 

About 15% of people contacted participated, the results were summarized (included below) and recommendations based on the results were provided to the GANS board for consideration. Some very interesting comments were also provided in the survey and have also been included at the end of the survey results below. 

If you did not have an opportunity to fill out the survey and still would like to have your concerns addressed or share feedback then feel free to contact us and I will ensure that it is passed along to the GANS board.

Some things that we noticed of interest were:

  • Only 1 student responded, however it was after most schools finished for the year [Recommended to Board - Plan future surveys better to ensure more people will have a chance to participate] 
  • 60% of respondents were GANS members and 25% said they were GANS members but are no longer a member [Recommended to Board - Why are past members not renewing membership? Consider ways to increase engagement and find ways to encourage past members to renew]
  • There was a good balance between Public Servant & Private Sector respondents
  • Most respondents attend geomatics related events (no certain event type dominated) [Recommended to Board - keep a good balance with different types of events]
  • Top recommended locations for GANS events were Downtown Halifax , Dartmouth, Truro with evening & afternoons being the most convenient  times [Recommended to Board - Consider other locations and times for events]
  • Main reasons people cannot attend events was Inconvenient event timing & Can't get the time off work [Recommended to Board - Consider convenient times for events]
  • People are recognizing that GANS has been working harder at being a better organization but we need to do more as membership grows, now with over 200 GANS members, event participation should be higher
  • There is interest in certification programs [Recommended to Board - GANS should further explore certification programs and work together to help promote existing programs]

2015 GANS Survey Results

Are you a GANS member?

  • 15% have never been GANS member
  • 25% Used to be a GANS member
  • 60% were GANS members

Where do you fit into the geomatics community? Are you:?

  • 46% Public Servant
  • 36% Private Sector
  • 12% Academic
  • 3% Student
  • 3% Unemployed

How many years have you been involved in the geomatics community?

  • 15% 5 <=5 years
  • 22% 11-15 years
  • 18% 16-20 years
  • 27% 21 + years
  • 18%  6-10 years

Do you hold professional certification in the realm of geomatics or GIS?

  • 12% Currently pursuing certification
  • 33% No,  but I would be interested in learning more about it
  • 31% No, I am not interested
  • 9% No, I cannot afford certification
  • 6% No, I do not qualify
  • 9% Yes (1 CIG, 2 GISP, 1 Land Surveyor)

 related comments:

  • company's never seem to require certification, so why pay for something you do not need ...
  •  industry needs to value certification within the field of geomatics or GIS more before individuals really will

If you have attended a geomatics event within the past year, what type?

  • 42% - GANS Event
  • 34% - Geomatics related workshop/training
  • 40% Geomatics related Conference
  • 40% - GoGeomatics Event
  • 6% - TECTERRA Event

(Note: up to 3 choices were allowed so total will be greater then 100%)

If you have not attended a geomatics event within the past year, why not?

  • 30% Can't get the time off work
  • 20% Don’t have the resources to attend
  • 40% Inconvenient event timing
  • 10% Not interested in anything offered

What types of events would you be most interested in seeing GANS host/sponsor

  • 24% Adult Friendly Social/Networking Events
  • 64% Conferences
  • 21% Interactive Challenges
  • 27% Public Awareness Events
  • 40% Regular Presentations
  • 45% User Group Meetups
  • 45% Virtual events
  • 52% Professional Development

(Note: up to 3 choices were allowed so total will be greater then 100%)

What time of day suits you best when it comes to attending a GANS event?

  • 40% Afternoon
  • 52% Evening
  • 15% Lunch hour
  • 18% Weekends
  • 33% Morning

(Note: multiple choices were allowed so total will be greater then 100%)

What location is most convenient when it comes to attending a GANS event?

  • 48% Downtown Halifax
  • 12% Amherst
  • 25% Clayton Park
  • 30% Truro
  • 20% Lawrencetown
  • 30% Dartmouth
  • 20% Bedford
  • 20% Sydney

If convenient location is Other, where?

  • anywhere in NS
  • Halifax but not-downtown
  • Middleton

If you have any further comments that you feel would help us organize successful GANS events, please share them with us here

- As a person who works outside the city but would love to attend meet-up events such as pub trivia night or other less formal gatherings, I think evenings/weekends and regularly scheduled events would be most helpful.

- I am getting involved in GANS for the first time in many years, after moving to a new job within HRM in October.  Frankly I have to completely reacquaint myself with what GANS offers before I can start giving you any useful feedback.  My previous department at HRM did not have any budget for sending its staff to GANS events, so I did not really pay attention to it because I couldn't be involved.  Also, GANS did not really address issues that were pertinent to my previous job.  That has changed.  I look forward to seeing what GANS has to offer.  Eventually I may even be able to contribute something in return, but for now I am an observer.

- I'd like to see topics similar to those being discussed by NENA in the U.S.

- "It would be great if GANS could host an event at COGS once a year to promote the organization and to build enthusiasm for industry. Consider consulting with us on the best time during our semester as things can get pretty busy here (November & March especially).

-  It is tough for us valley members to attend evening events with our work and personal commitments. I expect this is a challenge faced by even those in Halifax. There needs to be a benefit to attending, education, guest speakers, opportunity to earn points for certification etc. Maybe events quarterly, or in conjunction with conferences would work well."

-  like the new website look

-  replace the GANS golf event with something that is more accessible for everyone.  How about a boat cruise in the Halifax harbour???  <--this would be an excellent networking event, and likely well attended.

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